Thursday, November 26, 2009

Network Computer - Reborn

I admit - I'm old enough already to remember Oracle's effort to build the Network Computer. Heck, even Sun and Big Blue were into this. And to think that years later I'd walk down Beach Park Blvd. in Foster City with my twins, watching afar on the shining, silvery towers of Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores....

I've been watching closely Google's webcast on Chrome OS. It did take a while, having the expected concerns of "can I live without my disk", or "what about graphic-rich apps", or even "how will I look without my Outlook?", and then again "can I back-office without MS-Office?"...

... and it finally hit me. Yes, it is possible, and it is making a lot of sense. Most of what I do at home and at work is on the web. I'm using Gmail, Outlook Web-Access, intranet, Wiki, Bugzilla, Google Docs, banking websites, everything has become HTTP-aware.

Moreover, my dad, who's become a more avid fan of comupters than myself, yet always looking for the best bargains for his systems, would the perfect user for what I hope will be the 2011 or 2012 incarnation of Chrome OS. A light, yet very versatile and powerful disk-less, installation-less, no-maintenance desktop, that's both cheap and wife-proof. Just power-on and get on the web.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tengu - I'd buy one if had some spare bucks

It's definitely fun, it's definitely useless.
Go and get one from:
As for myself? - I don't have spare bucks.

I'm a Relocator

I just figured out that I'm a Relocator - A frequent relocator. Relocated twice and went back alive in 8 years - I guess it counts. Lived in The Netherlands and California. I'd go back to California in a second. It's truely the best place to live. I'm sure herds of Europeans would snore at me saying that, but who cares about Europeans anyway. They'd snore at anything. They developed this theory that they have the best place to live, and then they'd drink and smoke their souls out just to drift their real pain out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Project Tuva - Interesting Physics for the Masses

I just bumped into this interesting link:

I like free lectures from smart people. The video quality is superb even though we're talking on a 40+ yrs old recordings.

Monday, June 15, 2009

White Pharmacy

So I was walking tired on 16th Street Mall in Denver, looking at the nice shops, and all of a sudden I'm seeing this far sign saying "White Supremacy". I'm getting closer seeing that it just says: "Pharmacy".
But I know where I got it from - damn newspapers. I never buy newspapers, but on a business trip it just sounds nice to take 'em in the morning. There's nothing like free.
I was reading this article on this f*cked-up nut-case soup-nazi guy called Von Braun who was shooting in the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. The guy is 88 years old, don't they ever get tired? These guys should be put to life-long jail time full of mysery and lack of hope for their aweful crimes against humanity and all we fight for everyday.
There is no other punishment that could fit them as they are intentionally looking to hurt us, prevent our peaceful democratic way of life, derail the improving course of inter-racial mutual understand and in short - their goal is to make our life shitty.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The First Female President

My current "Gig of the Day" is that my daughter will be the first female President of the U.S., and that she has legally more chance to become the President than Schwarzenegger himself!

Why am I called Eyalder?

Obvious - me and my wife used to watch a lot of X-Files. Our real names are Eyal and Chely, so I figured that in a parallel universe we could have been called Scully and Mulder - or better yet - S-chelly & Eyal-der.